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Radiance is an industry-leading resource and full service provider of vibrant LED lighting. Our high quality technology saves our customers 70% to 90% in energy costs, while virtually eliminating ongoing maintenance.

Our goal at Radiance is to be the leader in the ‘art and science’ of artificial lighting, and to provide healthier, infinitely flexible lighting solutions for all those who live, shop, market and work underneath it.

Radiance built the trust of its customer base through its culture of service.

This begins with a succinct analysis of current energy consumption, followed by a detailed range of customized solutions and a projection of the resultant savings. We also specialize in applying for, securing, and maximizing energy rebate dollars for our customers.

Radiance Energy invests extensively in R&D. We are not limited to any technology provider, so we may align ourselves with select, sustainable manufacturers who offer the longest warranties and the best efficiencies. The net result provides our customers high-yield, environmentally friendly, advanced LED lighting at very competitive costs.

The net result provides our customers high-yield, environmentally friendly advanced LED lighting at very competitive costs.

Robert Ziola


Rob is a successful entrepreneur, with over 27 years building multiple companies in the parking and transportation technologies industry. He understands how to design and deploy complex wireless and software driven technologies, while at the same time keeping them simple. Founder of such companies as; Select Services, U-Park, Cellpark, Lexis Systems, Aparc.

  • When it comes to analyzing a building’s light requirements, Rob knows how to roll the sleeves up and dive straight in. Performing hands on lumens analysis, light design and preparing proposals with the best of them.
  • Rob has a superior rolodex from his years in the parking & transportation industry dealing with parking lot and building owners/managers.
  • Rob is a recipient of the prestigious Business Man of the Year Award issued by the City of Richmond, British Columbia.

Jared Henrickson


Jared has more then 15 years of experience in corporate development, sales, branding, project execution, full service contracting in the construction industry. Past positions include the head of sales & marketing for British Columbia Fluorescents. President, Pro Group Communications.

  • Jared has built and managed a successful manufacturing business as well as a lighting service company that has been in business for over 75 years.
  • His knowledge and understanding of best practices for lighting implementations is second to none.

recent clients

If you are interested in revamping your business and creating a modern, healthy environment, contact Radiance Energy for a free, no-obligation audit and we will offer you a customized solution. An LED retrofit can dramatically improve your workspace.