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How To Spot Fakes

Did you know?

There are fake LEDs being presented to customers as real. However, counterfeiters’ efforts usually cannot stand up to scrutiny by informed consumers. Legitimate products must obey a set of guidelines determining how they display information to the consumer, and once you are aware of these guidelines, you will be able to tell if the product in question is real or not.

CUL Certified

Genuine ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) Listing Marks signify that the product meets ULC’s requirements for safety and performance. There are four elements the product must display.

This information may be presented in several different forms, such as a label, die-stamping, molding, or silk-screening (in some cases this information may appear only on the packaging).

The four elements of a genuine ULC Mark are:

  • The name and/or certification mark of ULC in a circle
  • The word “LISTED” in capital letters
  • A control number (four alpha-numeric characters) or issue number (sequence of typically four to six numbers)
  • A product identity

Resources (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada)


Fraudulent LEDs are a liability to your business. Not only do they lack the warranties of a legitimate product, but their poor quality construction could be hazardous. Also, they will not meet the same performance standards as real LEDs, so in a worst case scenario counterfeit LEDs could start a fire. It is worth taking the time to inspect LEDs before purchase.


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